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album producing

Senior producer


Album Producing

  • Graduated from Seoul Institute of the Arts

  • tvN 'A Murderer's Shopping List' Music Director and OST Producer JTBC ‘Run On’ music director and OST producer

  • KBS 'Today's Detective' Music Director

  • Actor ‘Lee Min-ho’ World Tour Music Executive Producer and Director Kim Jong-guk - Composed of 'A Man', 'To Her Man', and 'Letter' Goblin OST - CRUSH 'Beautiful' Composed

  • K.Will - 'I miss you, I miss you' Lyrics, composing, arranging, 'True Story' composition Younha - 'Password 486', 'Take Care of My Boyfriend' Composed and Arranged

  • Park Hyo-shin - 'Friends' and 'The Castle Of Zoltar' Composed & Arranged

  • Kim Bum-soo - 'How to Use Sadness', 'Smoking or Drinking', Composed and Arranged Gunmo Kim - 'Scarcrow', 'SINGER' composition and arrangement

  • Shin Yong-jae - Composed of 'I Love You, Erase, Cry Again'

  • Red Velvet - 'July 7 (One Of These Nights)' Composition and Arrangement

  • Red Velvet - Composed of ‘La Rouge’

  • Yoon Mirae - 'Love Will Be Right' Composed and Arranged

  • Gummy Kim Jong-guk Haha (Running Man Project) - Raise Your Voice Composed Infinite Challenge World Cup Official Cheer Song - ‘Victory Song’ Composed School Who Are You OST - Tiger JK (Feat. Truth of Mad Soul Child)

  • Composed of ‘Reset’

  • Descendants of the Sun OST - Mad Clown, Kim Na-young composed 'You Again' The Most Beautiful Parting OST in the World - Gummy - ‘Angel’ Composed and Produced

  • Danbi Cheon, Yesung - Composing and producing 'A Little More Today'

  • Nagasu, Immortal Songs, Perfect Singer Arranger and Music Director

  • Participated in numerous other singer producers and songwriters

Junior producer

Graduated from Seoul Arts College of Practical Music

Kang Hyewon - songwriting arrangement for "Winter Poem" (full album producer)

Loona - songwriting for "Unknown Secret", "Love & Evil"

fromis_9 - songwriting arrangement for "Rewind"

Davichi - songwriting arrangement for "I'm sorry I'm happy"

Park Bo-ram - songwriting arrangement for 'I want to be an entertainer'

Ali - songwriting arrangement for "Boom Boom"

Baek A Yeon- "Tell Me" songwriting arrangement

Kim Na Young - songwriting arrangement for "I hope"

Young Tak - songwriting arrangement for "best love"

Hyorin - rearrangement of "I Will Love You"

INFINITE - "Love Letter" "Diamond"

LOVELYZ- "Shooting Star" and "Sculpture Moon" arranged lyrics and composition

BTOB - songwriting arrangement for "I want to travel"

Block B - songwriting arrangement for "Finding a Hidden Picture" and "Last Stop"

CLC - songwriting arrangement for "SUMMER KISS"

K.Will - songwriting arrangement for "Like Now"

Gilgubonggu - "I wish the wind blew" rearranged

Na Singer, the song of "Immortal Songs"

Participate in a number of other singer producers and song arrangements

Jang Won-gyu Sweetsch

Album Producing

Kisum - "Not Heartbroken" (composed. single)

GFRIEND - "TRUST" (composed and composed)

GFRIEND - "Groosam" (composed and composed)

GFRIEND - "Night" (composed and composed)

GFRIEND - "Sunrise" (composed and composed)

GFRIEND-Expectation' (writing, composition, composition)

GFRIEND - 'Protective Color' (composed. single)

GFRIEND - "When You Say Good Things" (compromised)

GFRIEND - "From Me" (composed and composed)

GFRIEND - "Crossroads" (composed and composed)

GFRIEND - "Labyrinth" (composed and composed)

GFRIEND - 'Three Of Cups' Three Of Cups

Rossi - "Burning" Three Of Cups

VICTON - "Circle"

"Sondia" - "One Day" (composition, songwriting)

"TWICE" - "Blame it on me"

ENHYPEN - 'One and Only' (composed, composed)

aespa- 'We go' (composed, composed)

JO1-Fairytale (composed, composed)


In addition, many singer producers and songwriting arrangements participate

Lee Wonjong

Album Producing

Kim Hyunjoo

Album Producing

Graduated from Howon University, majoring in practical music and composition

Yonsei University School of Video Music has completed a video music expert course

More than 90 dramas, documentaries, commercials, and songs

Major works to participate in composition

MBC weightlifting fairy Kim Bok-joo, a woman who pulls a carrier and many others

tvN's Secret Forest

OCN, save me, tunnel, many more

tvN's mother

SBS Return

tvN My Old Man, 100 Days My Prince

[Movie] Swing Kids and many others

tvN Her Private Life, Joseon Marriage Workshop Flower Party

KBS's "One Love" and many others

Drama "Never Twice" OST part.1 Lyrics and composition of "Precious Person - Lim Hee-bin"

JTBC Run-on

tvN Postpartum Care Center and many others

If you like it, it rings. Season 2

TVING Adult Trainee

Many others including KBS Taejong and Lee Bang-won

[China] World Mystery: In the Dust of the World Sweet Teethost 'Be there - 邓⿎'

tvN Killer's Shopping List [Music Assistant Director]

Tving The King of Pigs, Drunkers City Women Season 2

Unlocking ENA President and many others

[Animated film] [The Stranger, 2022) [Music director]

[China] Reset: 开端 ost 'My Only - 周深'

JTBC's Shin Seong Divorce [Music assistant director]

Can I become an ENA person

KBS's "The Real One" and many others

TVING Spring and Autumn Love Story [Music assistant director]


Disney+ Pfizer Scandal

KBS, let's grab it by the collar. Many others

Resolution (feat. Hong Yejin) Lyrics and songwriting

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