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Liquid Bubbles

vocal producer

Junior producer


  • Seoul Institute of the Arts, Department of Applied Music, Vocal Major

  • 2009-2012 Vocal Trainer

  • SAM Practical Music Academy Vocal Trainer JYP Academy

  • pistol ENT

  • GP basic ENT

  • Kyungbuk Arts High School Practical Music Vocal Instructor

  • A-sound Academy Vocal Trainer

  • M.I. College of Music

  • U.S. Department of Applied Music

  • Dong-A Broadcasting University

  • Howon University K-pop

  • Dongduk Women's University Applied Music

  • Hongik University Applied Music

  • Yeoju University Applied Music

  • Sungshin Women’s University Department of Applied Music

  • Baekje University of the Arts

  • Baekseok Arts University’s Department of Applied Music

  • Kukje University’s Department of Applied Music

  • Joongbu University’s Department of Applied Music

  • Numerous student admission guidance and idol group guidance


  • 2009~2013 Girl's Day MBC Music Picnic Broadcast, Susura EBS Sympathy Broadcast, KBS Immortal Song, National Song Contest, Yoo Hee-yeol's Sketchbook, etc.

  • 2013 SHINHWA Asia Tour Concert, Lee Min-Woo, Shin Hye-Sung, and Jeon-Jin Solo Concert

  • 2014 Kim Tae-woo Year-end Concert

  • 2014 63 Convention Center “Hyeonmi Joo SHOW” Dinner Show

  • 2015 Baek Ji-young & Kim Tae-woo & Lee Jung VOICE to VOICE National Tour Concert

  • 2016 S.E.S. 20th anniversary concert

  • 2016 Lim Jae-beom 30th National Tour Concert

  • 2017 Daejeon Arts Center “Jiyeon Cha & Louis Choi” Musical Gala Show

  • 2018 Wanju Culture and Arts Center “Gummy & Gunjo” Year-end Concert

  • 2018 Andong Culture and Arts Center “Yang Jun-mo & Choi Jeong-won” Immortal Masterpiece Concert 2019 Daejeon Arts Center “Sea & Lee Dongshin” Duo Concert

  • 2019 Coyote “20 Isback” Concert

  • 2020 MBN “Lotto Singer” Broadcast Chorus

  • 2020 TV Chosun “Mr. Trot” Semifinals & Finals Broadcast Chorus

  • 2021 GS25 “Movie Fe” g.o.d online broadcast mini-concert

  • 2021 “Miss Trot” National Tour Concert Chorus

  • 2017~Present Musical gala show backup chorus activity at the National Center for Arts and Culture

  • Chorus activities such as Jongshin Yoon, BMK, Hyuncheol Kim, Sea, Gummy, Junghyun Park, Jo Sungmo, Lee Dongshin, Baek Jiyoung, Lee Jung, Hong Kyungmin, Park Hyunbin, etc.




Yaowapa Hoisungwarn

  • Graduated  bachelor degree from Kasetsart University Bang Khen.

  • The Faculty of Humanity.

  • Western Music Department.

  • Majoring in Classical Singing and minoring in English Language.

  • Beside that she’s also hold diplomas of Classical Singing in performance area.

  • ATCL certificate from Trinity College of Music London . LLCM certificate from London College of Music.

  • She is also recognized in music society of Thailand as a classical singer and the singing teacher who successfully teaching her students.

  • She was one of the founder member and the soloist of Suan Plu Chorus ,the most high level of the Choir group of Thailand which won many medals from The Olympic Choir from Bremen Germany,Beijing China etc.

  • Many of her students won many prizes in vocal competitions both in Thailand and also international such as American Protege New York USA, Grand Prize Virtuoso Vocal Competition in Salzburg (Vienna )and Rome(Italy) Mahidol Young Artist Music Competition and also RBSO Search for Young Talent.

  • She is also won the awards of Excellence in Music Teaching  from Trinity College of London as her students continued wining  the highest scores in Thailand for both classical singing exam for 12 years and for Pop&Rock for 9 years.


Pinnapat Supphatchai (Jeab)

Vocal coach from 2017 to present


Khanich Premkulchai (Na)

Graduated: College of Music, Mahidol University (Voice Major (Musical Theatre)


  • KSGANG (Khaosarn Entertainment)(with Team KRU AEY VOCAL STUDIO) (2020 - 2021)

  • Leng (Actor from GMMTV)

  • Feeling (VENITA) (XOXO Entertainment)


  • 40th the Musical of Love (Rachadalai),

  • Polycat - I Want You Concert (Chorus Ensemble), 


  • คนดีไม่มีคนรัก (2017)


  • Heartstone (Thai-Dub) (EQHO)



Completion of Applied Music Department at Ahyeon Industrial Information School
Graduated from Howon University, Department of Applied Music, majoring in vocals
Navy Public Relations Group singer discharged from service



  • 2009: A-Brother - My lover (Jeongseok, Hoyeon) featuring

  • 2011: The Friends ㅡ Beautiful...(World) vocal participation

  • 2015: Park Jong-gyun ㅡ I guess it’s just me (Feat. Lee Jeong-seok) vocal participation

  • 2016: Robbin with Chanyoung - The Day I Was Rescued by Love (Feat. Lee Jeong-seok) Vocal Participation

  • 2017: Duet Song Festival 43rd - Aspirin (Park Hye-kyung, Lee Jeong-seok) vocals

  • 2017: Digital single ‘Leaving Behind’ released, included song – On the Way, I Released You

  • 2018: Digital single ‘Spring Rain Falling’ released

  • 2019: Digital single ‘Prologue’ released, included songs – Love, That Terrible Disease, Words of Parting

  • 2020: Vocal participation in the band Double-Decker Bus ‘Toad, Fall in Love’

  • 2022: Digital single ‘Hold Your Breath’ released

  • 2023: Vocal participation in digital single ‘The Memories We Drawn’

  • broadcast

  • 2012: Top 12 live broadcast of audition program ‘Voice of Korea Season 2’

  • 2016: ‘I Can See Your Voice Season 3 <i.o.i>’, starring a talented person (hidden card as the main writer who returned from Mexico), Wheesung – Love, That Vicious Disease

  • 2017: MBC ‘Duet Song Festival 43rd/44th’ Park Hye-kyung Partner - [ Aspirin / If Only You ] Singing

  • 2018: KBS N ‘Memory is Drop Drop’ Drop Band main vocalist

  • 2018: Appeared in ‘I Can See Your Voice’ Season 5 [Bolbbal Puberty] episode ‘Tone Deaf Investigation Unit’

  • 2020: MBN ‘Yesterday’ 3rd episode Song Seung-hwan appearance / John Lennon - imagine singing and panel


  • < Chuncheon Band Festival 2016 / 2017 > ‘Lee Jeong-seok Band’ main vocalist

  • 'Park Hye-kyung' <2018 Concert> Guest Vocalist

  • '2019 K-WORLD FESTA K-OST Concert M.O.S.T' singing

  • 2019.06.15 ‘Lee Jeong-seok’s solo small theater performance <Prologue>’ in Hongdae Saenggi Studio

  • 2022 K-Expo in Vietnam K-drama concert main vocalist

  • (hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and hosted by Hankonjin)

  • 2023.2.19

  • ‘Wong Kar-wai Film Music Orchestra Concert’ vocal performance

  • things in life & quizas song

  • Conductor Ahn Doo-hyun & Arts Symphony Orchestra

  • in Seoul Arts Center

  • 2023.8.25

  • ‘Wong Kar-wai Film Music Orchestra Concert’ vocal performance

  • things in life & quizas song

  • Conductor Ahn Doo-hyun & Arts Symphony Orchestra

  • chorus

  • 'Kim Dong-Ryul' Concert <2008 Concert, Monologue> Choir Session

  • 'Psy', 'Tony' 2009 concert sound source chorus session

  • ‘Jang Ki-ha and the Faces’

  • <2010 Concert ‘Did nothing really happen?><KBS Yoo Hee-yeol Sketchbook 2010 Christmas Special Concert>

  • <Jisanrak Festival><Green Mint Festival><Jecheon International Film Festival> Chorus Participation

  • Participated in ‘MBC Infinite Challenge’ 2010 <Christmas Single Party> chorus

  • 'Eight, Big Mama' < M Sound Flex> (2011) Chorus Session

  • ‘Lee Jun-ki’ album ‘The Rain’ chorus session (released on April 25, 2012)

  • 'K.Will' <2014 Kedaebak Concert> <2016 Kedaebak Concert> Chorus Session

  • 'Sohyang' Talent Development Center Performance Chorus Session

  • 'Park Sang-min' KBS Immortal Song 2015 Chorus Session

  • 'Spider' <2015 Concert, Feel the Voice> Chorus Session

  • ‘Kim Jo-han’ <KBS immortal song “Chris Norman” (2016)> <MBC Duet Song Festival> Chorus session

  • 'Kim Beom-su' <2016 Someday Festival><2016 Voyage to Jaraseom>

  • ‘Jaejeong Park’ <Melody Forest Camp> Chorus Session

  • ‘Park Si-hwan’ <Melody Forest Camp> Chorus Session

  • ‘Jang Jae-in’ <Melody Forest Camp> Chorus Session

  • ‘Cho Hyeong-woo’ <Melody Forest Camp> Chorus Session

  • 'Park Hye-kyung' <2018 Concert> Chorus Session

  • '2019 K-WORLD FESTA K-OST Concert M.O.S.T' Chorus Session

  • ‘Jang Yoon-jeong’ 2020 MBC ‘Favorite Entertainment’ chorus session

  • ‘Five Chapters’ 2020 MBC ‘Favorite Entertainment’ Chorus Session

  • MBN ‘Lotto Singer’ house band chorus

  • [2020.10.03. ~ 2021.01.16]

  • 2023 Koyote Festival ‘Koyotae’ Concert Chorus


  • Former Voice Factory vocal instructor

  • Former Gunja ‘iPlay’, Uijeongbu ‘iPlay’ instructor

  • Current instructor at ‘Alive Practical Music Academy’

  • Current 'Modern K Academy' instructor

  • Current ‘Vocal Friends’ instructor

  • Former lecturer at Gimpo University Department of Applied Music

  • Former ‘Boys Republic’ vocal trainer

  • Former actress ‘Jang Da-yoon’ vocal trainer

  • Former ‘Jellyfish’ Entertainment vocal trainer

  • Former “Very Berry” vocal trainer

  • Former ‘tan’ vocal trainer

  • Former ‘Around Us’ Entertainment vocal trainer

  • 2016 K-pop academy supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. mexico main instructor

  • 'I Can See Your Voice Season 4, 5, 6, 7' Lip Sync Instructor

  • 2019 Tvn drama <When the Devil Calls Your Name> Kim Yi-kyung, actor Lee Seol, lip sync trainer

  • 2021 MBC ‘Extreme Debut Wild Idol’ Vocal Trainer

  • 2022 Vocal trainer for the ‘K-pop competency enhancement program’ hosted by K-paec (Korea Institute of Popular Culture and Arts)

  • 2022-2023

  • TV Chosun ‘Mr. Trot 2 – The Beginning of a New Legend’


Vocal trainer

  • 2022-2023: ‘I Can See Your Voice Season 10’

  • Talented vocal trainer and tone-deaf lip sync trainer

  • 2023: Vocal trainer for the ‘K-pop competency enhancement program’ hosted by K-paec (Korea Institute of Popular Culture and Arts)

  • 2023-2024: TV Chosun ‘Miss Trot 3’ vocal trainer

  • 2024: vocal boy group survival ‘build-up’vocal trainer


  • 2009: Recorded many CM guides including Puseo Puseo, Kookmin Bank, Baba, etc.

  • ‘Voice of Korea Season 1’ logo song recording

  • ‘I Can See Your Voice’ Season 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 lip sync substitute recording

  • 2021: <Netflix Original Animation ‘Allo the Crocodile Boy’ > Korean version of the movie and series ‘Arlo’ character singing

  • 2021: <Netflix animation ‘Surviving Lincoln’s House’> Singing the song ‘now or never’

  • 2023: Opening song for TV animation ‘Bossy Bear’

  • 2023: Teabing animation ‘Lovely Crew’ opening song

  • 2023: Netflix animation ‘Hot Wheels’ opening song

  • 2023: Teabing animation ‘Bossy Bear 2’ opening song



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